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October 15, 2014

More Changes

There's no easy way to put this. It's probably quite obvious that things have gotten a bit off the rails here. The honest truth is I have (clearly) been having trouble with this chapter. These troubles have been present since it began. It has been very difficult to write and it has lagged on and is even turning out longer than it should be. The difficulties with the script are really bothering me and right now I feel like I'm just rushing through it to finish it and as a result the story is suffering. So what am I going to do? The first chapter of my other comic, Bad Moon Rising, will be ending in a few weeks and I had already scheduled a break from it before starting chapter 2. Avernyght is going to go on a brief hiatus during this time so that I can retool this chapter, find out where it went wrong, figure out which art style to use, and do the story the service it deserves. The funny thing is chapter 3 is already written. So that should be a fair indicator of how difficult chapter 2 has been for me. I hope you guys can understand. Heck you've been with me this long. Assuming no screw ups occur Bad Moon Rising's 1st chapter should be ending at the end of November, so I'm going to set

Avernyght's return on December 1st.

My 30th birthday. Wow... How about that... As always, check out my tumblr for updates on my life, if you're interested.