The Stories

Made up during a science class, it all started with a doodle of what would become Poppett. A story was formed quickly and what started as a 25 page comic became Avernyght.
Avernyght itself is the planet on which a series of stories is being based. As far as we know the stories will all be in comic form. Not all by myself but some by NJ Huff.
After all the information was created and put together it started getting messy and things got confusing so it had to go into a catalog that myself and NJ take care of and keep current.

As I worked on the first story and brainstormed with NJ more stories formed and I shall do my best to tell as many of them I can.

For the Catalog click here:

The Brains

Mary "Mvmarcz" S.

Usually reffered to as Mv on the "web", Mary is,! The creator, writer, and artist of the majority of Avernyght. Though she does attribute alot of it as shared credit for NJ Huff.  Without NJ's help and contributions Avernyght simply wouldn't be. Mv can be found all over the web:

NJ Huff

Usually reffered to as.....well NJ I suppose! She is the creative mind behind EE Comics and just being awesome in general. Her duties include talking Mv down from artistic freakouts, being an official bouncing ideas off spot, and keeping things in perspective.

Oh my there are TONS of people I seek out for advice and support!